Thursday, July 21, 2005

There's good news...

CA Grocery Clerk The Next Earl of Essex?
SACRAMENTO — A real life story that sounds like a Hollywood movie.

Imagine being Bill Capell, a retired supermarket clerk, who's lived his entire life in the small town of Yuba City, California. Then imagine you've just learned you are next in line to be the 10th Earl of Essex, a nobleman in England, a country you've never even visited.

Capell's family lineage goes back to William the Conquerer. Nearly a thousand years of ermine robes and powdered wigs, a world away from Yuba City, California.

Capell got a call on June 17th early in the morning telling him that his cousin the 10th Earl had died. That news now made Capell, former grocery store clerk, the next in line for the title.

As Earl of Essex, the Queen would address him as "our right trusty and entirely beloved cousin." And he could one day take a seat in the House of Lords.
And there's bad news...
There's no fortune. No castle. But there is a coat of arms.

Ingrid Seward, Editor in Chief, Majesty Magazine says, "You can get a table in a restaurant. It's quite grand being an Earl."
I've got to try that at Shoney's next time I drop by for some country fried steak.