Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Listen to the whine

The usual suspects are rallying the flying monkeys to oppose the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Roberts. Superbly coiffed Ralph Neas, the doyen of borking, already "is extremely disappointed that the President did not choose a consensus nominee." Hugh Hewitt also points out that Chucky Schumer getting in early:
Schumer is telegraphing the strategy of the hard-left Democratic Senaors: To ask question after question which a nominee will not and should not answer, and then to oppose confirmation on the basis of these refusals.
Chucky probably has his staff working overtime coming up with hypothetical legal cases on which he will ask for a snap decision, but he needn't bother - Ralph Neas will do it for him and all the other leftoid senators who pretend to an authority they lack.

My vote for best line - Viking Pundit:
And please, enough of the “unite the nation” or “in the mold of O’Connor” or “keep the balance” blather. Don’t like it? Win an election.
And in the meantime, Bill Frist should keep the nuclear option ready.