Monday, July 18, 2005

It's a joke, right?

With the United Nations it's always hard to tell - 'Aids risk' for UN peacekeepers:
The United Nations Aids agency has warned that UN peacekeepers still do not have the knowledge and means to protect themselves from HIV/Aids.
Sheesh, this one should be a beaut.
Leaders from numerous countries have now acknowledged HIV/Aids is a serious problem in their armed services, according to a new UN report.

More than 100 countries contribute personnel to UN peacekeeping missions.
The armed forces at the bottom of the list mostly consist of glorified street gangs. Nice to know that Uncle Sugar foots the bill for their foreign vacations. But there's bound to be problems, right?
A new UN report says uniformed service personnel are considered one of the high-risk groups for contracting HIV/ Aids and this could jeopardise the world's ability to generate future UN peacekeeping missions.
Gosh, that's my big worry too!
The head of UN peacekeeping, Jean-Marie Guehnno, said they had reduced the risk of peacekeepers contracting or transmitting the virus while on mission.
Told them to forego the usual UN practice of raping the natives?
UNAids chief Peter Piot said there had been some progress over the past five years, but more needed to be done.

He said peacekeeping operations now had Aids advisers, trainers and counsellors, while troops were given awareness training.
The peacekeeeping tab just went up. No word on when we have to foot the peacekeepers' tab for toilet training and literacy.