Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Today's Hoot!

Rich Lowry at NRO:
French President Jacques Chirac forgot the first rule of European Union politics: “Don’t consult the voters (it will only encourage them).”
More japery by following the link including the predilection of the Euro elites for "do overs." But it brings up the question raised at Zacht Ei after the Dutch exit polls came in today:
New elections, please

If 85 percent of Parliament wants to support a constitution that 63 percent of the constituency rejects, it seems obvious that our representatives in the Second Chamber (our Lower House/House of Representatives) no longer represent us.

Never mind that any government led by someone who tied his own image to the result of this plebiscite should also step down, if only out of shame.

Update 21.19: Even Dutch PBS asked this very same question, about a second ago!

Update 21.21: Of course, considering the huge number of unions, environmental and consumer organizations that supported the constitution, it might be a good idea if they indulged in some soul searching as well.
And the same goes for France where all the "major" parties wanted a "Oui" vote too. Why don't they toss the scalawags out?