Saturday, June 04, 2005

Makes sense to them, I guess

But then they're part of the Axis of Wingnuts - Syria fires Scuds over Turkey 'to taunt US':
Syria has staged a defiant display of strategic firepower by test-firing Scud missiles for the first time in four years, Israeli security sources said yesterday.

The officials, citing intelligence data, said the missiles, using North Korean technology and designed to carry chemical warheads, were launched last week from northern Syria.

One missile was fired towards the Mediterranean, the Israeli officials said, and broke up over the Turkish province of Hatay, shedding debris over two villages.
Israeli security sources said Syria's attempt to fire a missile over Turkey, a Nato country, was intended as a snub to America.
Good ole Boy Assad. I'm sure feeling snubbed and taunted, I tell you. But if I were the goofy looking leader of s shaky regime, I'd worry more about the Turks. Best comment:
Suggestion for Bashir:

Don't mess with Turkey. They're Nato grade, without the Mr. Rogers personality.
The military is at least. But the politicians want to join the EU and their wrists started getting limp.