Friday, June 03, 2005

It's Linda Foley again!

Fresh off accusing American soldiers of targeting journalists, the erstwhile president of the Newspaper Guild hiked her hind end over to the "Take Back America" shindig for some sport with her wingnut chums and some more delusional declarations:
"The conservatives have got us, as a country, now believing that balance -- giving both sides -- is the same as truth, and there are some things that are just false," said Linda Foley, president of The Newspaper Guild, during a panel discussion on media reform at the "Take Back America" conference in Washington, D.C.

"The discussion that we have to have balanced reports is kind of crazy" when a story is false, she added.
I guess we know who's going to decide what's false, eh Linda? And doesn't it make you feel real warm that the head of the national newspaper workers union is coming up with swell ideas like that while hanging out with George Soros' flying monkeys while they plan to "Take Back America?" The best part is where they get all upset that the press didn't leap to Lurch's defense in the last election when the SwiftVets started scoffing about the secret mission to Cambodia that Nixon made him undertake on Christmas Eve.