Thursday, June 02, 2005

Geldof Goat Rodeo Update!

This Bob Geldof concert farce is beginning to look like it has great comedic potential! Check out Few black artists featuring in Geldof's Live8 concerts for Africa:
A bold plan by Irish rocker-turned-activist Bob Geldof for multi-city concerts to combat poverty in Africa ran into flak when it became clear how few black artists are involved.
"There's still time for Sir Bob and friends to make amends," Holloway told AFP. "They really do need to be more diverse and multicultural -- and not just support (warm-up) acts, but headliners."

"I cannot believe Lemar is not there," the Zambia-born, London-based reggae singer Chiozo, soon to embark on his own Cape-to-Cairo musical trek by foot, told Blink. "If there's any justice in the world, he would be."
He left out Lemar! Snort. Sheesh, I'm beginning to feel sorry for Geldof, but if you lie down with the PC crowd, I guess you have to expect a few fleas.

Bobby Mugabe already has a shopping list

But here's a part I missed. The idea of the concerts is to pressure the developed nations meeting at a G8 conference in Scotland to give debt relief and tons more aid to African thugocracies. But not only is Geldof planning concerts, he wants a vast march on the G8 meeting:
Politicians, senior police officers, church leaders and businessmen yesterday condemned Bob Geldof's "irresponsible" plea for a million people to march on Edinburgh.

They gave a warning that a mass protest at the start of the G8 summit next month could cause a tragedy and seriously damage the cause of anti-poverty campaigners.
Just tell the Scots that the English are invading again! That should solve the problem quickly.

I don't know about you, but getting out for a march to demand that taxpayers buy the African thugs more gold plated toilets isn't high on my priority list. If Geldof really wanted to help, he'd fund bounties on every dictator in Africa. Short of that, nothing's going to change.