Thursday, April 21, 2005

Today's Hoot!

She heard some of our conversation and chimes in "So yeah, if you're interested we're petitioning the church not to ratify this Pope."

Ratify? The Pope?

Oblivious to my frightened stare, she continued "We're getting a petition going and then maybe a march somewhere to get the Cardinals to not confirm this guy as Pope." I stammer a reply that he isn't ratified.. he's been selected. Done deal, got the cool hat and the new name and the roman numerals, finito.

"Oh, well, then we need to pressure these guys to put someone more liberal in there.. someone who's not a tool for the neocons."

Neocons again?

"Its a college, right? So they can take tenure away from the cardinals in the college if they don't impeach this guy. If we all band together, we can do it. We just have to get it to the President of the college.. that's the leader of Rome, I think".

Jeeeesus Murphy and his 21 piece orchestra. I say nothing. What can I say?
Thankfully, the heartbreak of terminal flatulence is rare. But not as rare as it should be.