Friday, April 22, 2005

Something's stirring in tofu land

Marin County, California once again leads the way - Sexy, sassy and strutting their stuff:
On a Friday night in San Anselmo, 18 women are invoking the goddess. Before them isn’t a New Age crystal or a statue of some Hindu goddess. No, before them is a pair of black satin, 7-inch-high platform heels, and the women, sitting on colorful mirrored and tapestry pillows in a semicircle, are listening to Diane Greenberg talk about women’s divine sensuality and the gift of sharing it with others. Of celebrating one’s beauty. Of the sacredness of stripping.
Who knew?
And so a half-dozen 40- to 60-something women — gathered on a rainy Tuesday night for a weekly burlesque class — walk, eyeing themselves in the mirrors before them. But it’s not just any walk; it’s a pointy-toed, hip-swaying, look-at-me, leg-stretching sassy strut. A lady of the evening walk. And they are clearly loving it.
A funny thing has happened with female confidence-building and bonding. It’s taken a decidedly erotic turn.

But it’s not just a soccer-mom, baby-boomer version of “Girls Gone Wild.” Instuctors say they noticed a marked increase in interest in the sensuality-fueled classes they’ve been offering in Marin dance studios and gyms in the past year. It’s women’s liberation, but not our mother’s liberation.
Practicing to be a street walker isn't on Granny's list either.
“Women are just two seconds away from awakening. We turn each other on,” says Greenberg, a Novato resident and former professional dancer who teaches “The Sacred Art of the Striptease.” “Women have an appetite. We just don’t have permission.”
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