Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ruh Oh!

No more Carmen Miranda - Biden Claims Bolton Staring at Him During Hearing:
Sen. Joseph Biden, D-DE, today asked the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to prevent President Bush's nominee for U.N. Ambassador, John Bolton, from staring at him during confirmation hearings.

"Mr. Chairman, he's looking at me again," said Sen. Biden. "Make him stop looking at me."
How awful! And there's more - Bolton Denies Boxer's Claim: 'I Am Not the Walrus':
In perhaps the most substantive attack to date on President Bush's nominee for U.N. Ambassador, Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-CA, today accused undersecretary of state John Bolton of secretly engineering the British invasion of American pop music in the 1960s.
Mrs. Boxer based her allegations on anonymous reports from terrified former schoolmates who said Mr. Bolton not only bought Beatles albums, but encouraged others to do so, "and brutally disparaged American jazz and big band music."
How low can you go?

Hey, wait a sec - it's ScrappleFace. But it's sure hard to tell.