Monday, December 06, 2004

Iranian Hijinks Alert!

(Via Best of the Web) Al-Jazeera’s Psyops
The Al-Jazeera network’s recent insult of the Iranian nation was totally unacceptable.

The Arabic network, which broadcasts its programs from the little Arab country Qatar, has recently posted an insulting cartoon about the Islamic Republic of Iran on its English site.
Yadda, yadda
But the actions of the network gradually revealed the fact that Al-Jazeera officials, on the orders of Zionist agents, are trying to divide Islamic countries and tarnish the image of Islam.
When jihadist wingnuts fall out, we all have fun! Which reminds me, I wonder if this was the cartoon in question?

Pork rinds! Yum!

Nah, probably not. Hmm, how about this one?

The Nodong twins

That's funny too, but the laugh's on us. For now.