Thursday, December 09, 2004

Her Heinous better be careful with that centrism stuff

Hillary, you've got some 'fessing up to do:
Activists in the bluest district in the bluest city of probably the bluest state in the nation believe they've earned the right to deliver a blunt message to Hillary Clinton: Senator, we in this liberal enclave see red every time we hear that you are the Democrats' main hope to reclaim the White House in 2008.

Why? We see you as a female equivalent of John Kerry, taking safe, centrist positions in general and, most glaringly, a wimpy stance on the war in Iraq.

Mark Green, who was Kerry's campaign manager in New York City and who supports your national ambitions, found himself on the defensive during a recent appearance in our district. Addressing members of an Upper West Side political club, he chose to speak positively about your presidential prospects at a particularly untimely moment: You had just been quoted in the media as backing the recent invasion of Fallujah on the grounds that it would "bring stability to Iraq."

The uproar over that Fallujah comment - "Panderer!" said one member; "She'll jump on any bandwagon," complained another - had barely subsided when Green arrived. He came to lead an election post-mortem but was asked about a key figure in the party's future: you. What was his rationale for supporting you, given your tepid policy positions?

"She's doing what she has to do to be a credible national candidate," Green said. "When was the last time an Upper West Sider ran for president?"
When was the last time an Upper West Sider found his/her/its butt without a roadmap? On the other hand - Give her hell, moonbats!