Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Good news is breaking out all over!

Dead in toilet for 2 days. No it isn't the moonbats at Democrat Underbelly, it's the UK's National Health Service:
A WOMAN died in a hospital toilet — and was not found for TWO DAYS.

The patient — a mum of two — lay undiscovered in the casualty ward loo until a workman spotted her as he fixed a cubicle.

Last night the gruesome find sparked a storm at Solihull Hospital in the West Midlands.

Michael Summers, chairman of the Patients Association, said: “It’s disgraceful this could happen without the knowledge of the hospital authorities.

“The first question that should be asked is, ‘How often are the toilets cleaned?’ One would hope toilets and washing areas in hospitals are cleaned at least once, hopefully twice, a day.”
I want some of that there HillaryCare!

On a more spiritual note:
"A Buddhist monk decided to break his lifelong vow of celibacy with a prostitute - but picked up an undercover police officer instead."
I'm sure he was just looking for someone to relieve his Karmic burden.