Saturday, November 13, 2004

I'm so excited!

That's right! Next Thursday is the the Grand Opening of the world's largest and ritziest singlewide!

Clinton Presidential Library

I can't even begin to keep track of all the festivities, but here's good news - Sen. Clinton Says Husband's Library Will Contrast With Bush Records Policy:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton says her husband's new presidential library will share information openly in a way the current Bush administration has not.

Senator Clinton told The Associated Press in a phone interview today that the library will tell visitors about the controversies and the achievements.
This is going to be great!

And besides that:
Senator Clinton visited the library construction site last year during her book tour and says she will get a detailed look at the finished product Wednesday. Since becoming New York's junior senator in 2000, she has had few opportunities to return to the state she called home from 1974 to 1992.

Senator Clinton says she and her husband plan to make more frequent trips to Little Rock once the library's programs get into full swing.
If Pinocchio were true, Hillary and Bill would need daily nose jobs.

But wait, there's more! Clinton Library Displays Glitz in Preview. It's about what you would expect for a monument to self-adulation with a huge budget, but one part caught my eye:
Drawn gold drapes part to reveal a full-size replica of the Oval Office.

Now that brings back fond memories!

More on the accoutrements here including the fancy private apartment. And after you've toured the joint, don't forget the souvenir store!
Manager Connie Fails said she tried to fill the store with items that capture Clinton's ideals.
Proof of age required, I guess, but I wonder if all the items are legal in Arkansas?