Thursday, October 14, 2004

What's not to like?

William Grim reviews Team America (also see the post below):
Yes, it's very naughty and it liberally employs most, if not all, of George Carlin's infamous seven words, but "Team America: World Police" is the funniest, most politically incorrect, and most unabashedly conservative movie in a long, long time. The movie ridicules Muslim terrorists, Hollywood liberals and the French, and it does so in a joyous fashion. The movie reminds us that in addition to hot, young, blonde infobabes, conservatives have an almost total monopoly on humor.
Intentional, that is.
I don't want to give any of the details away, but let me just say that if you despise portly pinko Michael Moore, this movie is for you. If you think Sean Penn is an execrable airhead, this movie is for you. And if you believe that Alec Baldwin is as sleazy as the one character he always plays in the movies, then by all means, this movie is for you.
More by following the link, and yes, it is naughty:
Will the movie's theme song "America, F**k, Yeah!" get nominated for an Oscar; and if so, will it be performed on a seven-second delay at the Academy Awards?
That would sure cause swooning in the aisles.