Saturday, October 16, 2004

Time for a photo-op!

It's time for yet another goofy Lurch sports photo-op, but at least he skipped the suit and tie for a "regular guy" ranch coat.

But all is not well on the photo-op front - Kerry cancels visit to West Virginia church:
Huntington, WV - A visit to West Virginia by Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry has been put on hold.

Kerry was scheduled to attended services at the Apostolic Christ Cathedral in Guyandotte on Sunday.

West Virginia Senators Robert C. Byrd and Jay Rockefeller were to attend with Kerry.

The church pastor, Reverend E. S. Harper, said they were not welcome if they planned to discuss politics during the service.
Oooops, the advance men didn't find the right religious shill to violate the law.
The Kerry campaign says the church issue did not affect the decision to cancel the trip.
Sure, we believe ya! Lurch was probably too busy sneaking into Cambodia, anyway.