Saturday, October 23, 2004

Off his meds again

(Hat tip: Arnold Zephel)

MSNBC's Designated Leftoid Ranter, er, "Senior Political Analyst" Lawrence O'Donnell seems to be becoming increasingly unhinged. Last Friday, during the Scarborough Country program he put on quite a show:
O'Donnell's eyes bugged out, he kept on yelling "lesbian, lesbian, lesbian" like a madman.

The transcript tidies up and refers to this as "crosstalk". Indeed.

Well for "crosstalk," it'll be hard to beat last night's performance where he totally lost it and kept yelling "liar, liar, liar" at John O'Neill. The Daily Recycler has video so you can judge for yourself . I hope they are keeping Larry away from sharp objects over at MSNBC.

More from Michelle Malkin and Hoystory. But there's good news for Larry! He's sweeping the field in Polipundit's Liberal Meltdown Contest!