Monday, October 11, 2004

"Live From N.Y.: A Republican!"

Julia Gorin provides a load of laughs in yesterday's WaPo:
I watch the forty-something couple survey our outdoor table from three feet away. The woman shakes her head and covers her mouth with one hand. The man speaks quietly into her ear. I imagine he's telling her not to be afraid, that everything will be okay. Even after I ask her to share her thoughts, she can't find her voice. The cause of her shock and awe? (Okay, "awe" may not be the mot juste here.) It's a "Bush-Cheney 2004" table that graced a street corner near Madison Square Garden for a dozen Saturdays recently.
It was truly a cross-cultural experience. Some of the good parts:
Then there was the middle-aged man who pulled at his hair every time someone actually bought something from us. "You're giving them money?!" he'd cry. When he first came upon us, his greeting was, "This is New York -- you don't belong here!"
Like the man who kept saying, "I can't understand why you support Bush." When my friend Kevin replied, "If you can't understand why half the country supports Bush, you need to get out more," the man deadpanned: "I get out plenty. I'm a college professor." As our group laughed in stereo, he yelled, "Anti-intellectuals!" and stormed off.
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