Tuesday, October 19, 2004

It must one of those high brow programs!

BBC ticked off over bleeping blunder:
It's the sort of on-air ****-up that inevitably ends up as television entertainment. A BBC1 show devoted to exposing embarrassing on-screen mistakes supplied one itself by showing subtitles of the foul language it had bleeped out.

In what the corporation described as a "very unfortunate misunderstanding between departments", it admitted that the pre-watershed show Outtake TV had unwittingly provided the hard of hearing with full details of the profanities it had deemed unsuitable for other viewers.

Viewers who accessed the BBC's subtitling service to watch the show were treated to a stream of swear words, including "f***" and "f***ing hell", as they were uttered by the hapless celebrities who had fouled up.

The BBC has billed the peak-time series, presented by Anne Robinson, as a "newly polished version of the 'bits they didn't want you to see' " which exposes the "embarrassing moments and outlandish outtakes" of its own stars.
I can't wait for it to show up on PBS!