Saturday, October 16, 2004

It does make you wonder

Exactly what planet do Lurch and his pals in the national Democrat party come from? It's like they have some alien chemistry that always yields the inappropriate response. In town the other day, I ran into the local Democrat candidate for state senator and frankly, it was hard to tell him from a Republican except for a certain fondness for the taxpayers' dollars. But his type of Democrat is a vanishing breed in the national party. I told him so.

And the stories the national Democrats come up with! Dennis Becklin at sums it up:

From promises of miracle cures to claims of a renewed military draft during a second Bush term, Kerry and Edwards have gone loco. This isn't just electioneering...all politicians are prone to stretching it a bit. This is antisocial behavior.
How did the national Democrat party become beholden to the residents of Bizarro World?