Monday, October 18, 2004

He's Alive!

Artiste Stanley Crouch opines in the NY Daily News:
Now is a good time to observe that John Kerry is beginning to come alive. It has been startling.

Few expected this, because Kerry seemed a professional stiff from every angle. It was impossible to imagine that he could move beyond the Kennedy haircut and the strained imitation of Franklin Roosevelt's tenor voice delivered from a baritone register.

Then there was the burden of the robotic gait that gave strange impressions. He seemed have been assigned to step on caterpillars while attempting to look simultaneously at ease and forceful.

To top it off, close observers became aware of the strange way Kerry had of touching people, of "pressing the flesh." He seemed to step out of his body while that body was left to do the horrific thing of coming in contact with another person.

Not much that had anything to do with the power of life appeared to reside in the unburied carcass of John Kerry, who seemed proof, as they used to say, that "the dead can walk."
Sheesh, with friends like Stanley, who needs enemies?

Anyhow, Stanley is amazed at the revitalized Lurch. I suspect his column is an odd variant of the "Comeback Kid" spin, but maybe the proximity of Halloween has provided Lurch with a jolt to his electrodes.