Saturday, October 09, 2004

Euroweenie Alert!

It almost seems like someone at the EU actually picked up the clue phone! EU diplomat admits success of Israel wall:
The EU's representative in the Middle East has conceded that the controversial wall being built by Israel in the West Bank has stopped Palestinian extremists from carrying out suicide attacks in Israel.

His comments, made in an interview with Financial Times Deutschland, make him the first high-level EU diplomat to publicly say that the barrier has fulfilled its aim.

"The barrier has drastically sunk the number of attacks", said the Belgian diplomat.
But it's just a tease:
However, although he admitted that the number of attacks has fallen, he told FT Deutschland that it does not mean that he finds the wall good.

Mr Marc Otte said that the problems with the wall and international law remain.
It must be tough to be so nuanced that you can't stomp a cockroach without consulting five tomes of legalisms and holding endless committee meetings.