Monday, October 11, 2004

As usual, the race card trumps the IRS

We all know that IRS regulations prohibit churches from active participation in election campaigns. That is, unless your church has predominantly black members and is supporting a Democrat. So it's no surprise to see in the Miami Herald (annoying registration required) that Kerry courts black vote, vows to pressure Castro in a "religious" service at a "black" church in Miami:
Flanked by the Rev. Jesse Jackson and one-time rival Al Sharpton -- both of whom turned a lively morning service at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Liberty City into a blistering indictment of the Bush administration -- Kerry sought to galvanize the black vote he needs to turn out in force in November.

''What's on the ballot is the American dream, what's on the ballot is what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton marched for,'' Kerry said. ``We have an unfinished march in this nation.''
All the panderers and pimps were there! More from Michelle Malkin:
For every Goliath, God has a David. For every Calvary's cross, God has a Christ Jesus. To bring our country out of despair, discouragement, despondency and disgust, God has a John Kerry.
-Pastor Gaston E. Smith, preaching from the pulpit yesterday during a campaign event with John Kerry at his Baptist church.
On that basis, I'd say God's in bad shape.

After the big "religious" event, Lurch loosed some more whoppers:
After his appearance, Kerry met with The Herald's editorial board for a wide-ranging interview in which he assailed Bush's policies in the Middle East and the Western Hemisphere. He accused the administration of ignoring Latin America and Haiti and said that as president, he would work with U.S. allies that do business in Cuba to bring pressure on Fidel Castro.

''Our ability to remove Castro is going to be by earning the respect of other nations to begin to get tough,'' Kerry said. ``Every other country, the Germans, the French, others, have been buying property in Cuba, playing games. There's no concentrated focus on [Castro's] repressive anti-human rights behavior, and there should be. But because the U.S. has isolated itself, in a way, we've lost the legitimate pressure that ought to be brought on him.''
It's another Global Test! You ever wonder if the Germans and the French have some naughty pics of the Lurchster and are blackmailing him?
Kerry looked to cast himself in the hourlong interview as staunchly anti-Castro, calling the Cuban leader a ''brutal dictator'' and noting that on a trip to Cuba, he declined to meet with Castro at ``one of those one o'clock in the morning seances with Castro -- for him to sit around and play that game.''
Ooooo! Can we feel your muscle, Lurch? More inanities by following the links.