Thursday, September 30, 2004

"Well, here I am. What were your other two wishes?"

Old Democrat pick-up lines aren't working on women:
If the Democrats are looking for a good campaign manual for the first presidential debate, they might consider Emily Post. The women's vote isn't behaving the way it's "supposed to." Maybe the problem's with the theory.

After weeks of watching President Bush's post-convention lead widen, John Kerry got his latest hint of rejection from the damsels Democrats have taken for granted for the past few elections: Across the country, the ballyhooed gender gap has narrowed and, in some places, disappeared.

So ladies are now set to get what you might call a thoroughly modern courtship from the Democrats — quick and dirty.
Ruh Oh! Lots more by following the link, but here's the closer:
On the big issues (security, economy), women turn out not to be so different from men. You'd think women's groups would be proud of the fact that women are wrestling with these matters and coming to their own, independent judgments. Why should nongender-related topics adhere to a "gender gap" anyway? But, of course, that ends up leaving the women's groups (nearly all of them aligned with the Democratic Party) feeling kind of useless, doesn't it?
It's so annoying when the panderees ignore the panderers.