Sunday, September 26, 2004

Time to start polishing up those resumes!

There are all kinds of "Bosses from Hell." And a nice case study of one classic type is provided in today's NY Times - Kerry as the Boss: Always More Questions. The type that micromanages the nonessentials but can't make a real decision, and tries to cover it with extended prattling since he is in love with the sound of his own voice. They try to spin it like Lurch is "Socratic" and a "deep thinker," but it seems more like terminal waffling to me:
His habit of soliciting one more point of view prompted one close adviser to say he had learned to wait until the last minute before weighing in: Mr. Kerry, he said, is apt to be most influenced by the last person who has his ear. His aides rejoiced earlier this year when Mr. Kerry yielded his cellphone to an aide, a move they hoped would limit his seeking out contrary opinions.
And the online edition has a small article tacked on the end:
Kerry Ad Hits Back
The advertisement was a response to a spot run by the Progress for America Voter Fund, a so-called 527 committee that has spent tens of millions to support Mr. Bush. The Republican advertisement included images of terrorist attacks in the United States and overseas, with an announcer asking, "'Would you trust Kerry up against these fanatic killers?''
Would you trust Kerry to find his butt without a roadmap?