Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Raymond Chandler does Rathergate

Or is it Mickey Spillane? My Teleprompter is Deadly:
It was a slow September night in Manhattan. The kind of sweaty summer night where the mean streets of Gotham run wild with the shadowy scum of the Republican National Convention. The kind of night where mysteries are born. The kind of night I live for.

My name is Rather. And I’m a dick.


“Gotta light, handsome?” asked the 32-30-41 silhoutte leaning on the frame.



Burkett had the gaunt, hollow look of a man who had crossed paths with Bush crew. I knew it far too well. He was scared, and would probably clam up if I didn’t turn the screws.

“Where did you get these memos?” I demanded.

“An Air Force Admiral. She was a, um, Mexican dame… yeah… Lucy Ricardo,” he stammered. “That’s it, yeah.”
It's Iowahawk, of course. Much more by following the link including appearances by well known bloggers!