Thursday, September 23, 2004

It's diplomacy boy showing off more smooth moves!

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He already insulted all our coalition allies and his bosom "oil-for-bureaucrats" chums in France have told him they won't help with his secret plan for Iraq, so I guess he thought he'd try for a trifecta. On the other hand, he has the routine down pat - John Kerry does it again:
Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has achieved something that may be unique in the history of our country. He has managed to oppose two wars while they are being fought, undermine the objective of the nation and give aid and comfort to those who are killing American soldiers and kidnapping American civilians.
The objective should be victory. It was a word absent from Kerry's speech, because it is a concept foreign to a man who has demonstrated his preference - first with Vietnam and now with Iraq - to help America's enemies in times of crisis far more than helping his own country.
Syphilitic pond scum.

Update: Roger Simon says "shameful," but then he's a classy guy:
By finally adopting the reactionary "Dean Line" (well, not finally, there's no such thing with him) on Iraq, Kerry has placed himself in the position of having to root against the forces of democracy in that country, at least until the November election. He must hope for continued slaughter, beheadings and the like from the rag-tag collection of homicidal sociopaths and paleo-misogynists - Baathist and Islamist - that constitute the "insurgents" in order to defeat Bush, so is acting accordingly.
It's not a new experience for him, Roger.

Update: Now we're talking! Mike at Cold Fury:
Defeatist, arrogant, and ultimately hopeless jerk who couldn’t figure out how to pour piss out of a boot if instructions were written on the heel.
and Lileks also observes that Lurch is back in his Vietnam groove:
At least Kerry has returned to his roots. His recent speech was indistinguishable in tone and timbre from the sonorous recitation of American woe he related before the Senate in 1971. We are losing, the "insurgents" are growing, the Beaujolais is late, and Saigon -- sorry, Baghdad -- does not yet resemble Beacon Hill. We must wash our hands and bow our heads and slump our way back home.

In other words, Kerry has a new strategy: He's Howard Dean without the hoarse, impromptu screeches. New slogans: "Just as anti-war -- but lankier!" Or "Even a fish on the dock stops flipping eventually." He has flopped back and forth on Iraq, but the exigencies of his guttering campaign have forced a final position: He's the bug-out candidate.