Thursday, September 30, 2004

I'll be on TV!

INDC Interviews the CBS Evening News, including "crack" reporter Richard Schlesinger. about the bogus draft story. Comments at INDC and Protein Wisdom which also links many others.

Unlike these other folks, I'm not upset. I think there's a real opportunity for personal fame and glory in the apparent criteria for a CBS "news" story:

  • "it was an issue because it was out there"
  • [the bogus emails] "were going around. I know several people that got them, and it’s gotten people all riled up" and "The truth of the e-mails were absolutely irrelevant to the piece, because all the story said was that people were worried"
  • "We worked backwards from the e-mail, that’s how we found her [wingnut Beverly Cocco, founder of "People Against the Draft"]. She told me that she was going to vote for Bush, though she said she may flip-flop."

Well, on that basis, I have the next big scoop for CBS! Yep, it's orbital mind control lasers!

  • It sure is an issue that is out there!
  • Follow the link for some emails. I don't have to verify anything other than they have people all riled up.
  • Now here's the fame part! CBS can call some of the folks who are all riled up, but frankly they sound a trifle loopy like Rep. Dennis Kucinich. Or CBS can call me! Let's just say I'm a Democrat who was going to vote for Kerry, but I may flip flop because I'm so worried about mind control laser policy! If it helps I'll even start a group:

Richy! Call me now!