Friday, September 24, 2004

Good news, party animals!

The AP's Nedra Pickler reveals that the Empress loves the nightlife:
Last Saturday night, they emerged from a Boston restaurant to face a waiting crowd of media and onlookers. Heinz Kerry, who says she is actually very shy, didn't seem so as she danced a little jig in the glow of the TV camera lights.

Heinz Kerry was wearing high heels, but she still wanted to walk the several blocks of cobblestone to their Beacon Hill townhouse. The couple held hands, and were closely followed by reporters, Secret Service agents, eight police cars and the remaining vehicles in the candidate's motorcade.

The scene attracted onlookers on the sidewalks and some in passing cars who shouted words of encouragement to Kerry. The couple recognized a few young reporters in one passing cab, and Heinz Kerry leaned in the window playfully asking, "Where's the bar? Where's the bar?" as if she were going to join them. Her husband finally pulled her away by the hand with a broad smile on his face.

Last spring, Heinz Kerry had told reporters traveling with Kerry: "I'm too old to get embarrassed."
Hmmm, where's the Girls Gone Wild camera crew?

(Hat tip: FR)