Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Can we get a fall girl?

Fall Girl Mary Mapes

Read Allah's post on USA Today's interview with "unimpeachable source" Bill Burkett. Why would CBS think to use this guy as a source for anything but the weather report on Mars? Allah:
It's not funny. Not with respect to Burkett. With respect to CBS, though, it's f*cking hilarious. Also hilarious is Terry McAuliffe having to eat sh*t on the forgeries today to the point where he actually allowed these words to escape his lips: "Now that we know what's not true, let's focus on the facts." Perhaps most hilarious of all, DU wackbags are so distraught at the fall of the house of Rather that they're talking about leaving the country because of it. Who cares if he suppressed some evidence -- it was all in "good faith", right? I tell you, when they make the movie of this story, the whole soundtrack is going to be calliope.

And Mary Mapes looks like she is cast perfectly for the fall girl. I'm sure Captain Dan is just an aging overpaid newsreader who was let down by his staff. John Ellis has some advice for Mary here and in the following posts. Better give it some thought, Mar'! Especially this one:
Dear Mary Mapes --

Call your lawyer immediately. DO NOT, under any circumstances, allow CBS counsel to represent your interests.

All Best -- Ellisblog
Hmmm. I wonder if ole Mary will take one in the shorts for the home team?