Wednesday, September 22, 2004

And what's with the hand gestures, too?

When non-political folks I talk with mention Lurch, I mostly grumble about what a self-aggrandizing phony he is, but they mostly mention his, er, mannerisms. Over at Daily Recycler they were entranced by his reptilian tongue darting on Letterman and aside from the snaps I grabbed from them above, they created a poster. Click on Roll Over Gene Simmons for the full story.

I wonder if Lurch's handlers are going to try to coach him on this stuff before the debates? It could be a bigger gross out than Al Gore's makeup. On the other hand the reptilian resemblance fits in pretty well with his sleazy attempt to stir up a draft scare. Take it away Betsy Newmark:
Tomorrow's news today.

Yesterday I blogged about an e-mail that was being sent around to college students scaring them with lies that Bush was going to reinstitute the draft. I speculated that either the Democrats or anti-Bush people were behind this and linked to information to show that the only ones pushing for a draft are Democrats.

Now, it seems that this is an orchestrated attack strategy by the Democrats. Kerry today said that Bush probably would have to reinstitute the draft if reelected.
More by following the links. Looks like the flickering tongue is the real Lurch. I guess we knew that, didn't we?