Monday, September 20, 2004

Always a class act

The New Yorker has a predictable puff piece on Empress Teresa and her "unusual" personality. I especially liked the part where "she says, she washed cloth diapers." I believe ya, Terry! But among the nuances was this beauty:
... in a television interview with a Pittsburgh anchorwoman, employed the word
“scumbags” to describe some of her detractors. I doubt that she knows the
literal meaning of “scumbag,” but perhaps, after forty years in America, nearly
thirty of them as a political wife, observing how the flaws and contradictions
of a personality as complex as hers are melted down for ammunition by the other
side, she should have learned it. Close friends attribute her lapses of discretion to “naïveté.” Heinz Kerry says that they are a form of resistance to enforced conformity. “I don’t like to be told, for told’s sake,” how to behave, she says, “because I lived in a dictatorship for too long.”
The poor tyke! Over at SondraK's, the ever helpful Rodger encourages her self-expression.