Monday, August 23, 2004

Yikes! "Non connected" 527 fun with Empress Teresa too!

Via Blogs for Bush:
Check out John Kerry's own blog for the latest in links to this tangled web they weaved in their effort to deceive:

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The East Bay for Kerry/MoveOn House party on December 7th combined the forces of two grass-roots organizations based in San Francisco East Bay Area. We had 200 guests eating, drinking, and watching the MoveOn Documentary “Uncovered” featuring Joseph Wilson and Rand Beers from the Kerry campaign.

When Teresa Heinz-Kerry arrived, she handed me a pin that read in the center: “Asses of Evil” with “Bush”, “Cheney”, “Rumsfeld” and “Ashcroft” surrounding it.

[John Kerry] also spoke about the recent Bush Thanksgiving visit to our military in Iraq, carrying a platter laden down with a fake turkey, smiling for a photo op.
Sometimes it's hard to figure out which one is more odious, the Empress or the gigolo.