Friday, August 27, 2004

Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Say no more.

Peter Parisi:
"Just shut up, gays, women, environmentalists. You'll get everything you want after the election. But just for the meantime, shut up so that we can win." — Rep. Peter H. Kostmayer, Pennsylvania Democrat, at the 1988 Democratic National Convention.

"I call it the Stepford convention. Everybody is going by the script because they are so afraid that Bush will get in. But behind the scenes, it's like don't worry, wink, wink; we'll take care of you." — Robin Tyler of, quoted in the July 30 Detroit Free Press.

Call it deja vu all over again, but just as in 1988 when Mr. Kostmayer committed jaw-dropping political candor, the Democratic Party is again seeking desperately to muzzle its dominant extreme left wing, at least through Nov. 2.

Democrats are again attempting to pull one over on the electorate, this time by persuading voters that Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry is a centrist, his 19 years of Senate roll-call votes to the contrary notwithstanding.
Ooops, some of the "centrism" splashed out of the bowl! Kerry Mideast Advisor Promises Arabs "Dramatic Change". More like "Kerry Advisor Promises Arafish to Roll Over." Charles observes:
Unfortunately, we have to rely on unguarded statements like these from Kerry’s advisors to get a glimpse of his foreign policy views—because Kerry himself has been unremittingly, deliberately vague about these vital issues.
Hey, he thought no one would read it because it was in the Lebanon Star.