Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Thuggery High and Low

There's not much I would put past Terry "Global Crossing" McAuliffe, the only person I know who got rich in a career as a political fundraiser and is now head of the Democrat National Committee. So, I was sure relieved to see McAuliffe: Democrats not aiding protesters:
Democratic Party chief Terry McAuliffe says his party doesn't need to help the thousands of protesters who will descend on New York in anticipation of next week's Republican National Convention.
"We can't control thousands of people who want to protest the Bush administration," McAuliffe told reporters Monday during a conference call.
He denied claims by GOP counterpart Ed Gillespie of a "blurry" line between Democrats and the protesters.
"We have nothing to do with the demonstrators. Republicans know that," McAuliffe said. "If they can link us to a bunch of lawbreakers, they think people will not pay attention to the promises they've broken."
There's an odd thing though. The protest organizers have been posting the names and addresses of Republican convention delegates on the web:
Our objectives are to:
* Supply anti-RNC groups with data on the delegates to use in whatever way they see fit.
* Supply a body of information that can be easily added to.
* Encourage the republishing and redistribution of this data.
* Facilitate making local connections. Many of these delegates are involved in politics and business on a town or county level.
"The earth is not dying, it is being killed. And those that are killing it have names and addresses."
There is a threat of physical violence that is implicit in this, and anyone on these lists should take a moment to review their own security situation

And the lists keep showing up at various Indymedia outlets which are one of the beneficiaries of the Tides Foundation, Teresa Kerry's favorite charity money laundering outfit. UPDATE: And see this beauty at LGF.

But look who keeps demanding that the Republicans publish the names and addresses of the delegates - McAuliffe Calls on Republicans to Release Their Delegate Lists. This is just one of a series of press releases with various outlandish "guesses" about who might be on the list. Frankly, I have zero interest in the names and addresses of delegates to the Democrat convention. I wonder why ole Terry is so hot after the Republican list?

I'm sure it's all just a big coincidence. But we'll get to revisit it after the thugs start rioting in New York.

And if the grotty marching wingnuts are too weary-making, you can always observe the behavior of the more genteel leftoids. Kind of sounds like Bainbridge Island doesn't it?