Monday, August 16, 2004

It just gets better!

The President's campaign is running a new TV ad titled Intel which observes that Lurch mostly graced Senate Intelligence Committee meetings by his absence. Now (via Ace) here's a laugh (lightly edited):
Fox News just had a news segment where the Kerry campaign, in angry response to Bush claims that Kerry attended few Intelligence Committee meetings, said that Kerry had at one time been the Vice Chairman of the Intelligence Committee.

In response, the Bush people gleefully (Fox's word) returned fire by saying that it was BOB Kerrey, not JOHN Kerry who was Vice Chairman of the Intelligence committee.
And it's still up on the Kerry "Rapid Response" web site. He's famous for not doing much in the Senate other than some occasional grandstanding, but it's pretty bad if your own campaign can't figure out what you did.

And where's the Lurchster during all of this? He's taking another vacation and an expensive haircut. He does have a lot of experience with that on the Intelligence Committee.