Sunday, August 15, 2004

What fictional character does Lurch most remind you of?

This review of Unfit for Command reminds me most of ole Eddie Haskell:
One officer shares his testimony of Kerry's bellyaching in Vietnam: "He objected to the various operations, complaining that they were poorly thought out." He is still doing so today, only the war in question is in Iraq. Kerry's Vietnam journal is bursting with fabrications, not unlike the fantastic story he lately tells about a New Hampshire woman who was forced to work through her chemotherapy just to keep her health insurance. And Kerry concocted elaborate, hero-villain conversations with his superiors that never occurred, reminding us this man claims to have met with the United Nations Security Council before his vote to authorize the use of force to remove Saddam Hussein.
But the presence of eyewitnesses betrays Kerry's self-serving remake of the incident. According to gunner Steve Gardner, who "sat above Kerry on the double .50-caliber mount that night," Kerry stayed in the pilothouse during the incident. Kerry failed to spot the sampan on radar and give warning; he didn't join the crew when they heard an engine noise and saw the boat; he wasn't there when they threw the PFC lights on; he did not order them to fire warning shots; and he wasn't there when Gardner ordered the craft to stop.

What happened was that Gardner, spooked and in the absence of a commanding officer, believed that one of the occupants of the boat was reaching for a weapon. He opened up, as did others, killing a man and, unintentionally, his child. The gunshots finally roused Kerry who "ordered the crew to cease fire and then threatened them."

The authors state this Kerry's failure to spot the boat on radar is "hard to understand." Harder still to comprehend is Kerry's "absence as the officer in charge during the critical part of the episode." This absence, one is compelled to repeat, resulted in the death of a two-year old child. But, as O'Neill and Corsi explain, that's not all:
Kerry avoided any problem by filing an after action report in which the dead child simply disappeared from the record and was replaced by a fleeing squad of Viet Cong, some likely killed by Kerry. A terrible human tragedy was converted by another Kerry lie into another sterling triumph by the young war hero.

It's hard to believe this could be the man the Democrats have nominated for as their candidate for President of the United States.