Thursday, August 19, 2004

More Lurch Loving!

I guess the Hedge Fund Mistress wasn't a parody despite the sappiness. The Boston Herald has an interview with her - Senator’s secret love: Coed tells steamy tales of Kerry affair. I'll say one thing for Lurch, he sure knows how to treat a lady:
Whitnum said the affair began on a snowy day in 1990 when Lee, who lives in Nevada where she writes under the name Lee Roystone, went to a Kerry press conference in Boston. She was one of only a handful of people who turned out for the event, because of the weather. When it was over, the senator offered her a ride home to Cambridge.

``We just hit it off,'' she recalled. ``We had both just seen Kathleen Turner in a play, `Cat On A Hot Tin Roof,' and we talked about that. We went from topic to topic. Rapid-fire conversation, and when we got to my place he asked me `Lee, would you like to have dinner with me tonight.' ''

She agreed and Kerry picked her up later and took her to his Back Bay apartment where he cooked her lobster.

``I was surprised that we didn't go out but he said, `I like to keep my private life private,' '' she said. ``I saw him the next night and the next night too.''

But what Whitnum never did see was the outside of Kerry's bachelor digs. He never took her out on a date. They never went to a restaurant or to a theater. They never were seen in public. Kerry explained that he didn't want to be ``gossiped'' about and Whitnum said she was ``fine with it.''

In fact, the senator was so concerned about keeping the romance secret that he gave them phony names.

``He was Michael, I was Katherine,'' she recalled. ``It was to keep it quiet in case we needed to reach each other. Once he called my apartment and say in a fake accent, `This is Miguel.' ''
Back in the days of my youth, we used to refer to this arrangment as "just bedroom friends." Of course, there are other ways to characterize it too.