Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Makes you wonder what planet they come from

Power Line alerts us to yet another rocket scientist in the press, this time at the Mineapolis "Red" Star Tribune:
Free Republic has posted a thread off of the email exchange between the gent we know as the cowardly lion of Portland Avenue and editorial cartoonist Linda Eddy: "Minneapolis Star Tribune censors IPW cartoonist."

The email exchange is deeply revealing of Boydot's skills as a reader. Here's Boydot's take on John Kerry's notorious 1971 testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: "His whole testimony was an appeal on behalf of veterans." Good work, Jim!
Sounds like ole Jim has been quaffing quite a few pitchers of Kool-Aid. Anyhow, here's the cartoon in question. It says it all. Click to supersize.