Saturday, August 21, 2004

Kerry Tries to Slime POWs

When you're in a hole, dig deeper, I guess. Kerry buttboy, Chad Clanton, fresh from trying to ban books, provides a press release that attempts to discredit the two POWs in the latest Swift Vets ad.

Let's see. Kenneth Cordier is a Republican donor, despised LBJ, is a member of a "Bush administration advisory panel on veterans' issues," is "open about his conservative views", made a joke about "pulling of ladies' panties over the faces of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. interrogators at Abu Ghraib as preferable to beheading," and wait, stop! Chad's killing me ... with laughter.

And what about Paul Galanti? Well, they don't mention that he had endorsed and was named to serve on the board of Virginia's new Department of Veterans' Services by Democrat Governor Mark Warner of Virgina. But they do have stuff like this:
JUDGEMENT: Insulting Disabled Vets?

"Life has a way of throwing curve balls and John (Hager) got beaned by one when he acquired polio as an adult and lost the use of his legs. He would have been forgiven for tossing in the towel, drifting over to the VA hospital and spending the rest of his life feeling sorry for himself." (Richmond Times Dispatch, 6/2/01)
Does that sound like an insult to "disabled vets" to you? Here's the free abstract of the article authored by Galanti:
Paul E. Galanti. Richmond Times - Dispatch. Richmond, Va.: Jun 2, 2001. pg. A.8

People: Hager, John
Section: Editorial
Text Word Count 290

Abstract (Article Summary)
When faced with this terrible adversity, this former Army officer, community and business leader, husband, and father never looked back. Like the fighter pilot who goes fast enough that he doesn't worry about rear-view mirrors, [John Hager] threw himself back into life with a gusto that few of us will ever know. John has been one of the most illustrious Lieutenant Governors the Commonwealth of ...
C'mon Chad, your press release was satire, right? And don't miss the part where Chad accuses Galanti of being a "Carter Basher." Bwahaha!

Chad, you aren't worthy to even mention these guys' names.