Sunday, August 22, 2004

It's a vast conspiracy fer sure!

And speaking of whining, the primo Donk talking point about the Swift Vet ads is that it's a vast Republican conspiracy because some veteran knew someone who was a Republican. I'm shocked, I tell ya! Of course, if you want to look at real coordination between a political party and a "uncoordinated" "527" group, hop on over to the Democrat National Committee's Braying Ass web site for More than 300,000 Americans Sign Petition to Protect America's Courts:
The DNC is also conducting a major petition drive in partnership with More than 310,000 Americans have signed the petition to protect our courts - with more than 172,000 of those signatures coming in the past 36 hours.
Charming snaps at Americans stand with the Senate Democrats:

DNC Chief Operating Officer Josh Wachs (left),
Senator Leahy, and Zack Exley from
pose with the more than 310,000 signatures.

That Zack sure cleans up real nice! Maybe he was also interviewing for the job with the Kerry campaign that he subsequently got.

A hat tip to an FR poster for the above example. Over at Blogs for Bush, Kevin Patrick has another example. I guess the DNC webmasters will be working long hours to put some stuff down the memory hole.

Kevin also helps the NY Times out with the graphic that we just know they'll be running soon:

(Click the pic to supersize)