Wednesday, August 18, 2004

It could happen to anyone

More on the "Vice Chairman" story - Kerry Campaign Explains Bob Kerrey Mixup:
WASHINGTON - John Kerry, Bob Kerrey. It's easy to get confused.

At least that's how the Kerry campaign is explaining claims that Kerry — the Democratic presidential candidate — served as vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Oops. Make that Bob Kerrey — the former Democratic senator from Nebraska who did serve as the panel's vice chairman.
"John Kerry, Bob Kerrey — similar names," said Kerry campaign spokesman Michael Meehan, adding that any reference to Kerry as vice chairman was an error.
It could happen to any grade school student writing a report, I guess.
"It's difficult to take John Kerry's claims about his intelligence experience seriously when one of his credentials is completely made up," said Republican National Committee spokeswoman Christine Iverson. "If he had shown up for Intelligence Committee hearings he would notice he wasn't vice chairman."
Which is the essential point, of course. Lurch graced less than 25% of the meetings with his presence.
The Kerry campaign has not denied he missed meetings but has said the criticism relies on accounts of 65 open hearings and doesn't note that the panel held more than 329 meetings.
Ah yes, but notice how that is worded. It doesn't say how many of the closed meetings ole Lurch was able to find time for in his busy social calendar. And releasing Lurch's attendance records for the closed meetings requires his authorization. Since he hasn't released his full medical records, his full military records, or his full financial records, don't hold your breath. Particularly since Lurch only comes to life when the cameras are on and closed meetings are kinda like icky work and stuff.