Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Hey, hey, it's Hollyweird! (I'm George Soros and I brought you this message.)

In today's WaPo, Howard Kurtz has the scoop on the George Soros sponsored MoveON celebrity wankfest which is being kicked off with a gala premiere tonight in his article, MoveOn, Mobilizing The A-List Against W:
Hip-hop impresario Benny Boom, who has directed videos for P. Diddy, Lil' Kim and LL Cool J, didn't need to have his arm twisted to join an anti-Bush advertising campaign.

"I felt like Bush stole the last election and the whole country kind of got robbed and bamboozled, and I wanted to make sure I did my part besides voting," he says. When he was approached by the liberal MoveOn PAC, "I was like, yo, I want to do an ad myself."
What is striking about the spots is that they contain no mention of the Democratic presidential nominee.

"I'm more passionate about being opposed to Bush," says Boom. "George Bush is probably the first real gangsta we have had in office. John Kerry needs to be a little bit more of a gangsta himself."
Apparently neither logic nor brains is Benny's strong suit. Also, someone please explain to Kurtz that they can't mention Kerry's name because they are supposed to be "unconnected." (Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Say no more.)

Besides the rocket scientist, all the usual Hollyweird pantloads lent their "talents" to the commericials, but it's the usual MoveOn con:
There may be less to the ad hype than meets the eye, however. While the 12 spots will be made available online, says Pariser, only one or two may hit the airwaves, depending on how focus groups react in the 18 most tightly contested states and how much money MoveOn members contribute toward the campaign.
For a group that's rolling in the unregulated dough, they always seem to want more, presumably to reinforce their star status in the leftoid constellation.

Anyhow, the really engaging part is that they are going to trot out their ole pal, Howard Dean, at tonight's gala. Maybe he'll perform "The Scream" for old time's sake!