Thursday, August 19, 2004

Here they come!

It was bound to happen when the media couldn't ignore them any longer - EMPIRE STRIKES BACK AGAINST ANTI-KERRY VETS:
TIMES editor Bill Keller has reserved the lead of Page One for "the story of how swift boat veterans with a grievance were found by Republicans looking to tarnish Kerry's image," newsroom sources tell DRUDGE.
More than 250 of them?
"A modern day tale of the creation of a political attack machine," declares TIMES reporter Jim Ruttenburg.
You mean they're going to cover George Soros and Nah, I guess they're going to try to slime some veterans trying to set the record straight about that poseur, John Kerry.
The TIMES plans to piggyback on comments made by John Kerry on Thursday against allegations that he exaggerated his combat record in Vietnam.
Funny how that turned out. I wounder if Kerry has to record it as a campaign donation?
"Some of the veterans have recanted their stories and made charges that military records prove untrue," the TIMES explains in its 3,500-world splash, which has been previewed by DRUDGE.
Sounds like a rehash of the tripe the Boston Globe and the Washington Post tried out.
Impacting late Thursday.
Ain't we got fun? I wonder if these veterans knew their hardest fight would be 35 years later and against the prostitutes of the mainstream media?