Saturday, June 12, 2004

Where's Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm when you need her?

Mickey Kaus (scroll down to June 8) reveals an impending hilarity explosion:
"And Now I Will Project a Cheery Optimism:" LAT's Gold and La Ganga outline Kerry's somewhat formulaic efforts to "cast his candidacy in sunny sheen." Here, for example, is what they call the "upbeat" ending to his recent speech on bioterrorism:
"But leadership is about telling the truth, and it is about talking about the real choices we face as Americans in order to be stronger. I know we can be stronger here at home."
Whoa there! Don't use up all the soaring rhetoric at once! ... How silly is the Kerry camp's attempt to fake it for 6 months by pretending that Kerry's an upbeat figure? Kerry's not even convincingly sunny for 10 seconds in his new "positive" 30 second spot, "Optimists." Any warm, upbeat human incidents Kerry aide Tad Devine can gather will be overwhelmed in a war with the daily drone of Kerry's pompous default speaking voice. Face it--he's The Man from Mope!
Off hand, I'd say that it's an endemic problem for all liberals - it's hard putting on a happy face when the first words out of your mouth are "Things are terrible and it's all our fault." (Of course things have been terrible for years despite all their social tinkering, but you don't want to interrupt the flow with any petty details.) But not to worry:
P.P.S.: So far, Kerry's best "charm" witness is ... intern Alexandra Polier! She says Kerry was "flirtatious and funny"!
Hmmm, I wouldn't play that card too often.