Friday, April 16, 2004

Where do they think they are? Havana?

(Via Instapundit) Oxblog reports on Castro's thugs beating up a member of a nongovernmental organization at the United Nations in Geneva. Seems the goons were in a frenzy after failing to stop a United Nations Human Rights Commission vote that criticized Cuba's human rights record. Which, of course, is a minor miracle considering the sleazy types that are members of the UN and the "Human Rights Commission."

And speaking of Castro and his sock puppets, there's always Oliver Stone's video lip lock on the old rogue's nether region ("Looking for Fidel") that aired on HBO on the 14th. Ann Louise Bardach interviews Ollie and makes us glad he wasn't around to do a documentary on Stalin's show trials. Virgina Postrel points us to a review by Glenn Garvin that is even more hilarious:
Oliver Stone's latest round of pattycake with Fidel Castro, resembles nothing so much as one of those old the-land-that-time-forgot movies, with a couple of lumbering stop-action dinosaurs wrestling harmlessly in front of a crowd of natives that's trying hard not to look bored while it waits for evolution to take its course.

...he walks among adoring throngs of Cubans, whose burbling praise for the Revolution was so wildly delusional (they claim, among other things, that Cuba is the only country in the world where blacks are permitted to own businesses) that I had to wonder if they weren't a deliberate attempt at sabotaging the documentary.
At times, it's hard to tell who is less lucid, Stone or Castro.

Stone, halting and distracted, seems to be reciting a list he learned 20 years ago as he ticks off the Latin American countries supposedly less democratic than Cuba -- including Brazil and Chile, both now governed by socialists.
Dang! Lula is going to be pissed!
Castro, meanwhile, suffers through some seriously senior moments. What are we to make of this impromptu little speech? ''Today, with a computer and a dozen compact disks, you can hold all the literature ever written,'' he tells Stone. ``So many things have changed. I do not know why the world has been making so much progress to end up in this. I am so sorry for the younger generation.''
Must have been all those 5 hour speeches in the hot sun.