Monday, April 12, 2004

Today's Hoots

Yep, it's plural. From ScrappleFace - Bush Failed to Stop al Qaeda During Clinton Years (heck, I failed to stop the Islamic whackjobs during the Carter Years) and August 6 PDB Reveals CIA Agents Rely On 'TV News':
(2004-04-12) -- After careful analysis, the now-famous President's Daily Brief (PDB) memo from August 6, 2001 seems to reveal that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency relies heavily on a previously-unknown intelligence source, code-named 'TV News.'
"When you say 'CIA Agents' most people picture James Bond-style spies, sleuthing around at risk of life and limb," said one unnamed source at the CIA (who is not Valerie Plame). "But most of the time, we're flopped on the couch, eating Pop-Tarts and watching the top three news networks -- FoxNews, CNN and al Jazeera. Of course, it's all in a top-secret, secure location and the TV satellite signal is encrypted."

The source noted that the CIA uses "descrambling" technology, purchased on the cyber-black market, to decode the satellite 'TV signal'.
And for the really tough cases they call out Joe "Secret Squirrel" Wilson for a bout of tea drinking.