Sunday, April 11, 2004

They finally noticed!

It's that Mark Morford loon again - 3 Staffers Suspended Over SF Gate Column:, the Web site of The San Francisco Chronicle, suspended three staffers for a column that the site's boss said was "grotesquely outside the standards that we have."

Robert Cauthorn, vice president of digital media for The Chronicle, suspended writer Mark Morford, news editor Vlae Kershner and features editor Amy Moon for a week for their role in the incident.

Moon and Kershner were suspended without pay, starting yesterday. Morford, a union member, will be paid during his suspension, which started Monday, although he was told the suspension might result in his being fired.
Follow the link for what moonbat Morford did this time, but frankly it seems pretty mild compared to his usual screeds about his sex toy collection. Don't let the garage door hit ya on the butt, Mark!

UPDATE: Giving the article another read, it occurs to me that if I felt inclined to feel sympathy for anyone at the Chronicle, it would be for the two unfortunate editors who got suspended without pay. Can you imagine having to edit Morford's bizarre rantings week after week because some clueless suit thinks he's "edgy" and then one day the big cheese falls off the crapper in shock because he sees a column that is "grotesquely outside the standards that we have." Er, how could he tell? They must be some interesting standards if what Morford was doing before fit right in.

And it being San Francisco, I'm sure there will be a protest demonstration to reinstate ole Markie. Hopefully, with lots of pictures.