Saturday, April 17, 2004

Oh Puhleeze!

In an article about Lurch's faulty tax return, the Boston Herald provides this tidbit:
The mix-up comes amid a controversy over a decision by Kerry's wife, who files separately from her husband, not to make public her tax returns.

Heinz Kerry, whose fortune is estimated at about $550 million, said she refused to do so because she is not a candidate for public office.

Although she cannot give more than $2,000 directly to her husband's campaign, Heinz Kerry has said she may run so-called ``issue ads'' to help if her ``family honor'' is attacked.

The ads are legal as long as they are not coordinated with the campaign.
We all know that MoveOn and the other "uncoordinated" groups are bogus, but this would be a new low. The candidates wife takes time off from the campaign trail to throw down some of her millions on "issue ads" but they're "uncoordinated" don't you know. I wonder what "family honor" Teresa could possibly be referring to? I thought there was no honor among thieves.