Thursday, April 15, 2004

It's tin foil beret time!

France's US envoy slams "racist campaign" against French over Iraq war
France's ambassador to the United States denounced what he called a "racist campaign" against the French waged by US media and fueled by the Pentagon since the start of war in Iraq.

Ambassador Jean-David Levitte, told staff, students and diplomats at the University of California at Los Angeles that Fox News and the New York Post, media baron Rupert Murdoch's properties, led the onslaught with a daily barrage of insults.
A vast conspiracy fer sure!
The envoy said the campaign of disinformation included "lies from the Pentagon," but said it ended quickly after he lodged a complaint with US Secretary of State Colin Powell last year.
The wave of insults and disinformation spurred by France's opposition to the US invasion of Iraq has since been halted and relations between the two countries and their peoples were strong, he said.
Dang! No one told me the fun was over!

Jean-David Levitte

(Hat tip: LGF)